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Tango and Delta Delights in Tigre

Tango and Delta Delights in Tigre Itinerary

Published: 2024 Apr 25

Delta Discovery and Riverside Dining

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at La Rueda, known for its cozy atmosphere and local specialties. Afterward, embark on a serene Tigre 1-Hour River Delta Panoramic Boat Tour to explore the unique island landscape of the Tigre Delta.
For lunch, savor a traditional Argentine meal at El Almacén de Ramos Generales, a charming spot with a historical feel. Afterward, visit the Temaiken Biopark to immerse yourself in a world of wildlife and conservation.
In the evening, enjoy a sophisticated dinner at Il Novo Maria del Lujan, known for its exquisite cuisine and elegant ambiance. After dinner, take a leisurely walk along the waterfront and soak in the peaceful evening atmosphere of Tigre.
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