So, what's the deal? As you know, Layla is all about personalizing your travel bucketlist dreams using AI, and RoamAround is here to level up the game.

Roam Around has crafted over 10 million itineraries since it launched as the OG AI itinerary planner, and I’m bringing that expertise to your Layla trip planning.

Now when you’re planning your trip with me, once I have inspired you on where to go, you’ll be able to get a detailed day-by-day itinerary of the sort you have come to love on Roam Around, right here with Layla. What’s more you’ll be able to book your flights, hotel and destination activities. Vacation sorted. It’s next-level travel planning with AI all in one place.

With Layla and Roam Around joining forces your wanderlust game just got elevated to extraordinary heights. Get ready for a travel experience like never before!

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