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5-Day Adventure in GoaMay 17-May 21
5-Day Adventure in ThailandMay 17-May 21
5-day Adventure in BaliMay 17-May 21
5-Day Parisian Delights: Museums, Monuments, and Gastronomic GemsMay 17-May 21

Change how you travel with AI

Layla is your ultimate travel sidekick. Yes, she’s powered by AI, but not AI as you know it. Forget the endless hours of trip research, she’ll curate personalized ideas for you based on what you actually like, showcasing trip destinations through Insta-worthy videos. Once you’ve found the right spot, Layla will find you the ideal flights and perfect stays, whatever your budget. Partnered with Skyscanner and, Layla will make your trip planning seamless from dream destination to unforgettable exploration.

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Time for a humble brag. Sorry, not sorry.

“An absolutely amazing app, so much incredible information available, produces fantastic itineraries. Great videos, reels etc.”

“Fav new app. Literally planned a whole trip to Thailand for me. She's really funny and I love the bucketlists!!”

“Layla is a fascinating, inspirational ai trip planning tool that can really open my eyes to things I want to see and do.”

“I'm traveling in #Bali for a month, and I found out about this platform yesterday.I swear I'm in shock. It's like talking to a human, funny, asks questions for better responses, and knows EVERYTHING.”

“It was like chatting with that one friend who's been everywhere, done everything, and has the BEST travel recommendations regardless of which country you are asking for!”

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Not just a website

For the ultimate virtual travel agent experience download the free Layla app.


Snap up best flights & hotels

Layla will accurately predict the flight prices, and find you the perfect rate for the hotel you’ve been daydreaming of.


Plan with your friends

Create bucketlists and invite your pals to collaborate with you on your trip together, adding hotels you like, places to see and itineraries for your stay.


Save your chats

Travel inspiration comes in waves. Each chat you’ve had with Layla is saved to your profile to check back on whenever you’re ready to pick up the convo again.

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With the Layla app, your travel plans & your curator team are always just a tap away.