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Meet Layla, your ultimate AI travel sidekick. Ask her anything you need to know about your planning your vacation, from dreamy destinations to idyllic stays, flights and road trips. askLAYLA will change the way you plan your trips. Forget juggling a million tabs and apps, this is the only AI trip planner you will need. Chat with Layla for personalized destination ideas and get excited for what’s in store with the inspiring video content from creators you’ll love. Then use your customized itinerary to create a travel plan that will make the most of those precious vacation days.

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“An absolutely amazing trip planner, so much incredible information available, produces fantastic itineraries. Great videos, reels etc.”

“Fav new app. Literally planned a whole trip to Thailand for me. She's really funny and smart and I love the bucketlists!!”

“Layla is a fascinating, inspirational ai trip planning tool that made a super customized itinerary for my Japan trip.”

“I'm traveling in #Bali for a month, and I found out about this platform yesterday.I swear I'm in shock. It's like talking to a human, funny, asks questions for better responses, and knows EVERYTHING.”

“It was like chatting with that one friend who's been everywhere, done everything, gave me the best hotel and flight options and planned my entire road trip.”

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